As the great Novak Djokovic said

"Being a champion starts from within"

Are you ready to Master your Mind and learn the tools and techniques of winners, on and off the court?

Welcome. I am so excited to now offer online courses. My mission is to help you really believe in yourself. With hard work and total commitment, anything is possible. I have travelled the world working one on one with so many great athletes over the years who have between them won more than 60 Grand Slams, 9 Gold Medals and numerous World Championships. It has been an Extraordinary journey.

I would love to help unlock the potential within you too.

Dr Ann Quinn

PhD, M.Sc, B App Sc, Dip Ed, Dip Nutr. 

World leading peak performance specialist with a passion for unlocking the real potential of tennis players and getting them to truly believe in themselves so they can chase their dreams and Be Extraordinary. A pioneer in tennis sports science, having travelled the ATP and WTA Tours for over 30 years, training clients who have won more than 60 Grand Slam titles and 9 Gold Medals.

Dr Quinn has been honoured with many awards including the International Tennis Federation (ITF) Award for services to the game in coaching, an Australian Sports Medal, the Professional Tennis Registry Plagenhoef Sport Science Award, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year and has been inducted into the Tennis Coaches Australia – Victoria Hall of Fame.

Dr Quinn is a highly respected professional speaker who has spoken in over 30 countries, a published Author with books sold in more than 120 countries and a well respected mindset coach dedicated to empowering her clients to achieve their dreams and Be Extraordinary.


Shingo Kunieda

World Number 1 Wheelchair Tennis Player

Winner of 50 Grand Slams, 4 Gold medals and 9 times ITF World Champion

"Ann has made a great impact on my life. I never believed I would become the best player in the world. From Ann, I have learned the power of belief, and realized it in reality with various methods that are both simple and effective. Her constant support, and her knowledge in the mental training, physical training, nutrition and on court drills all helped me win 50 Grand Slam titles and four Olympic Gold medals.

Moreover, she helped me become the person I always wanted to be. I have the greatest respect for Ann and trust in her, and always will. Meeting her changed my life."

Pat Cash

Former Wimbledon Champion and Davis Cup Hero

"From 463 in the world through to wining Wimbledon, Ann was by my side through all the highs and lows and from the operating table to back on court. Ann gave me so much strength by her confidence and enthusiasm and without her efforts, I would have given up hope on many occasions."

Pat Rafter

Former World Number One and twice US Open Champion

"Ann taught me to not ever doubt myself at all."

Dr Ann Quinn Coaching

Dr Ann Quinn Tennis Coaching

Dr Ann Quinn